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​Finding the right Communications system contractor for your home can be a daunting decision. There are many companies that specialize in one facet of home communication and entertainment. Consequently, many have reserved themselves to hiring several “specialist”. This can result in an expensive venture, unless you have heard of Fox Communications & Low Voltage Solutions. As a low-voltage installation business, we can integrate multiple systems due to our broad expertise. We offer a full range of services including installing and repairing security, telecommunications, home audio, and video systems.

We take the guess work out of your decision by presenting customers with the following qualities:
​Great value – We look for ways to earn your business. All of our proposed bids are detailed and are open for discussion. We will show you where we differ on competing offers and let you know why prices contrast.

Staying to Budget – We formulate and advise communication system that conform to your budgeting needs. There will be no surprise costs or hidden fees. After we examine your home, we will be sure not to redline your cash flow. 

​User friendly setups – What is the use of an overly complicated system; if you have to look into the user’s manual every time you use your new system, you will not use it very often. We make sure that every system that we install is user-friendly.

​Beginning with our initial evaluation, we can help you in any of the above stated services. We can even integrate multiple systems to create a seamless experience throughout your home. All of our services are offered at very competitive prices to Yuma and its surrounding areas.


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